Recent Yard Sale + Auction Finds — Trinket Tuesday

likerichie. …

Tulle and Trinkets

Coffee Table DecorAqua crackle vase — $2 yard sale find

Antique Pitcher & Antique Bar Cart

Mid-century pitcher  — $2 yard sale find

Cut Glassware

Berry Bowls

Cut glassware + berry bowls — $4 auction find

Antique Magazine Rack

Antique Magazine Rack

Magazine rack — $10 yard sale find

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a Trinket Tuesday on here. For everyone who’s new, Trinket Tuesday used to be a weekly feature where I’d show photos of and write about my antiques, knick-knacks, or “trinkets.” I started running out of items to feature (a girl can only have so much!), but now that we’re in the house and have more room, I’ve started collecting a few things here and there again. So, expect more Trinket Tuesday features!

I must confess: I love yard sale season. You definitely have to wade through a lot of junky sales to find the gems, but they’re out there, I promise! I think my favorite find of this batch is…

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